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R.I.S.I. and

Founded by Armin Risi in August 2005
All texts and commentaries on this site, if not indicated otherwise, are written by Armin Risi.


Mantrarūpa Ćućuz (Redesign 2008)
Jan Hitz (Redesign 2007)
Daniel Thoma


R.I.S.I. Team (Founding members)
in alphabetic order:

Mantrarūpa Ćućuz, Jan Hitz, Armin Risi, Silvia Siegenthaler, Daniel Thoma, Ronald Zürrer

Scientific contributors and counsellors:

Dr. Hans-Joachim Zillmer (
Dipl. Ing. Axel Klitzke (

New team members and scientific contributors or counsellors are welcome!